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Complete Dual Effect Cell Plus + Biostem Available Now !!!!
For skin whitening, Full body whitening, pigmentation, scars, dull complexion, uneven tone, Melasma, and anti-aging!!!
Made in Switzerland!!!

Key Benefits:

New formula mixed with bio-placenta plants Accelerates the skin V extremely Plus rejuvenating the skin
No allergic reactions
No fever
See results from the first use
Complete Dual Effect Cell Plus Biostem Accelerate the most white skin Plus rejuvenating the skin
Develop new formulas Blended with glutathione in stem cells that are highly effective in producing amino acids (Antioxidant)
Capture heavy metal substances in the body (Detox) to make the skin beautiful, and protect your skin from toxic pollution. To whiten skin all over the body more white With concentrated glutathione concentrate, Water formula Can be injected at all Giving the white aura clearer, more sensitive than previous models, and with special features that are not available in other glutathione, types Containing components of m-tranexamic acid, with the amount contained in the product not harmful If used correctly and correctly Many years of research has confirmed that m-tranexamic acid has made black spots difficult to effectively remove. And revitalize the skin whiter visibly Proven to be strong because with glutathione up to 2,000,000 milligrams with more ingredients, both help to lift and make the skin youthful. Up immediately because it contains the Newest Hyaluronic Acid. The best in the form of water is glutathione. The water formula does not require distilled water. Can be injected at all It Gives a white aura bright and clear. Adjust the skin, and reduce wrinkles and Various dark spots Dull skin from sunlight sees the change in the first needle. And also helps to strengthen collagen in the skin. Pull Vit c & Vit E to be used for maximum benefits. Reduces blood cholesterol levels.
Complette3 Dual Effect Cell Plus (Swiss) also contains the important ingredient of Argan Stem Cell up to 10,000 milligrams. The Stem Cell from Argan gives amazing results to many skin types.

In 1 bottle, consisting of:

– Glutathione 2,000,000 mg helps to brighten the skin, and reduce fade, freckles, and dark spots Glutathione, a water formula.
– Hesperidin 2,500 mg, substances that help strengthen heart health and veins
– 20,000 mg of Ascorbic Acid, enhancing glutathione peroxidase and strengthening skin cells
– Hyaluronic Acid 5,000 mg superficial wrinkles, smooth, healthy-looking skin
– M-Tranexamic Acid 1,000 mg can help reduce blemishes, freckles, and dark spots throughout the body
– Argan Stem Cell 10,000 mg helps to slow down the skin.
-Biostem Cell 900,000 mg


10 tubes (10 ml) per injection 5 times (For those who want to accelerate white), 10 times (For keeping the level of whiteness)

How to use:

(IV) 1 Vial per session 1-2 times a week for at least 4-6 weeks
Note: We cannot guarantee the result, as it may vary based on individual skin tones.


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